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EA unveils Battlefield 4 with first trailer and screenshots

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During the Game Developers Conference, Electronic Arts revealed its popular first-person shooter, Battlefield 4. This new trailer features pretty much everything you’d expect from a military FPS game – explosions, falling buildings, running soldiers, near-death moments, and, oh… explosions! The graphics look breathtakingly beautiful as usual, thanks to the new game engine Frostbite 3. As for the faces, the engine blurs the lines between reality and simple facial animation.
Battlefield 4 is said to be more ‘open-world’ with players having the […]

BioShock Infinite review – To infinite and beyond

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BioShock Infinite is one of 2013’s most anticipated games – fans have been waiting nearly 3 years since the game was announced and in the past three months, we’ve seen a heavy and steady stream of promotion in the form of teasers, trailers, screenshots and demos from Irrational Games. Is BioShock Infinite worth the wait? After finishing the game and inspecting every nook and cranny, we have the answer right here.

Assassin vs. sharks, first trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

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No, really, did Edward Kenway just fight off Jaws? In this first look of the fourth Assassin’s Creed installment, there’s plenty of swashbuckling action on the Caribbean islands and swimming, too, it seems deep down in the sea where stingrays lurk. Of course, just like every other Assassin’s Creed trailer, the video cuts away seconds after Edward leaps down onto his target, before he performs an aerial assassination. There’s lots of naval warfare on the high seas to keep your […]

New Watch Dogs video observes protagonist Aiden Pearce

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Ubisoft has uploaded a video – a surveillance video, to be precise – of Aiden Pearce on the city streets, looking highly suspicious with his brown cap and poor taste of clothing. It’s pretty much the same thing we have watched in previous trailer except this time it has a female voiceover. Also, the game seems to recycle plenty of sound effects from TV show Person of Interest. Don’t they know if they keep posting the same old video in […]

BioShock Infinite launch day trailer gets us in the mood for adventure

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Brace yourselves because in a few hours, BioShock Infinite will be out and ready to play. Irrational Games has already enthusiastically uploaded a launch day trailer. In the minute-long video, we’re exposed to protagonist Booker DeWitt in action, Elizabeth and the city of Columbia – nothing that we haven’t seen in previous screenshots and trailers but it certainly drums up anticipation for the game’s imminent release. Be sure to watch out for our review of BioShock Infinite this week!

New Metro: Last Light screenshots show scary post-apocalyptic Russia

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Just Wednesday, we got a glimpse of a new trailer for upcoming post-apocalyptic horror game, Metro: Last Light. There was plenty of human against human fighting in the gloomy depths of the Metro tunnels and we saw a large presence of Fourth Reich members (an enemy faction seen in the original Metro 2033) as well as an enemy commander dressed as a Hitler-lookalike. 4A Games has released 10 screenshots showing the scary underground and scenic but eerie abandoned ruins […]

Tomb Raider Global Brand and Creative Directors do AMA interview on Reddit

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It’s been two weeks since the reboot Tomb Raider hit store shelves. We reviewed the game and it was likable for many reasons; earlier this week, we wrote a Q&A discussing things about the game that wouldn’t fit in a review. Well if you’re in to more news about Tomb Raider, you’ve got it because it just happens that Karl Stewart and Noah Hughes, the Global Brand Director and Creative Director for Tomb Raider respectively have done

BioShock Infinite in the works for Mac, coming Summer 2013

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It’s official: BioShock Infinite will also be coming to OS X this summer. Aspyr Media, a company that specializes in publishing games for Mac, confirmed today that it will be developing BioShock Infinite for OS X which will allow gamers to play on their Apple machines. Aspyr Media is famous for their Apple OS X ports of the Call of Duty and Borderlands franchises. This marks a departure from Feral Interactive, the company that ported the original […]

Booker rescues Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite full TV commercial

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As promised to faithful fans, Irrational Games released the full version for the BioShock Infinite TV commercial which premiered during The Walking Dead on Sunday, playing to the same kickass song from the Beast of America trailer, Nico Vega’s ‘Beast’. The CG trailer features an Elizabeth who looks a lot like her face model, cosplayer Anna Moleva, and Booker… does he really look like that, I wonder?
Anyways, Booker attempts to snipe the man who orders his cronies to […]

Metro: Last Light gets new cinematic trailer about salvation

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Publisher Deep Silver has uploaded a new trailer for first-person post-apocalyptic Metro: Last Light, presumably narrated by protagonist Artyom describes how the people of the metro are still waiting to see the light of day and the dominance of an enemy faction known as the Fourth Reich. The trailer explores a much harsher world under the metro where the Reich soldiers cruelly execute weaker beings and gather at an underground location to hail loyalty to their fascist leader. The game […]