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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 cover

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 cover

By Shan S May 28 2011 add comment

Isn’t the latest Call Of Duty game cover great? I like that it’s plain. Black and white makes the green words stand out.
The maps are going to be in England, Germany, France and America. At least we get a chance to ‘tour’ Europe in the game! Can’t wait for the return of Soap MacTavish and hopefully some other familiar characters like Captain Price.

Welcome to Games Per Second

By Brad S May 25 2011 add comment

Hey, it’s opening day today! Finally!! Welcome to Games Per Second (beta).
There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of other websites dedicated to the coverage of gaming news and reviews… so what makes us different? Unlike a massive majority of gaming websites out there, Games Per Second is founded and run by actual gamers, NOT a bunch of random editors and staff, hired by some company, who cover gaming news as their ‘day job’ (and to be honest, because a large number […]