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Ubisoft’s new, other Montreal studio will work on new and existing games

By Brad S Feb 8 2013 add comment

It’s been 2 weeks since Ubisoft won THQ’s Montreal studio, so that means they’ve got two studios now in the French-Canadian city: The original and this other one acquired from THQ. They’re wasting no time and already have plans for their latest acquisition. After announcing a new Assassin’s Creed game for their 2014 fiscal year, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot began talking about the company’s studios and that the other Montreal studio (the THQ one) will be working on […]


THQ dissolved, winning bidders of franchises announced

By Brad S Jan 25 2013 add comment

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a while back and lots of speculation about the potential new owners of its franchises, game publisher THQ was officially dissolved this week. The company reached a decision that more money could be made by selling the franchises separately instead of selling THQ as a whole… and we’ve got a list of the companies that won the bidding of THQ’s fairly juicy portfolio of game franchises. If everything goes smoothly, THQ will raise […]

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Week long sale cuts THQ Mega Pack price in half; 19 games for $25

By Brad S Jan 21 2013 add comment

Game publisher THQ hasn’t been in the best of shapes the past few months. The company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is scheduled to sell its assets this week, including horror first-person shooter Metro: Last Light (which will hopefully find its way under the umbrella of a new publisher and get released on time). However, there have been quite a few game sales going on, which may or may not be related to their financial status, […]


GameStop pulls Metro: Last Light pre-orders from Impulse

By Brad S Jan 18 2013 add comment

GameStop has pulled the ability to digitally pre-order Metro: Last Light from GameStop Impulse, the game retailer’s online download service for PC. This comes amid uncertainty about the game’s publisher, THQ, which is currently going through bankruptcy and will be auctioning off its assets next week. According to the information GameStop told GameSpot this morning, the retailer will also be allowing purchasers who have already pre-ordered digital copies of the game for PC to request for […]


THQ assets will be sold ‘title by title’ at auction, Warner Bros interested

By Shan S Jan 7 2013 add comment

THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just recently and now they will be holding an auction on January 22 to sell off the company’s assets to the highest bidder. Among notable titles published by THQ are Company of Heroes, Saints Row and Metro 2033.
As for the auction, many big companies are already eying the game franchises and development studios. EA expressed large interest in buying over THQ and has reportedly been visiting the headquarters to evaluate future purchases. No doubt […]