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Analysis: PlayStation 4 powered by AMD APU; Radeon 6970 GPU?

By Brad S Feb 20 2013 1 Comment

The Sony PlayStation 4 event in New York just ended but probably the most exciting, key part of the event happened 2 hours ago at the beginning – the confirmation of the PlayStation 4 name and its key features such as hardware, social sharing capabilities, ‘instant on’ and ability to interface with the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Event 2013 live broadcast is now… live!
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PlayStation Event 2013 live broadcast is now… live!

By Brad S Feb 20 2013 add comment

The day that all PlayStation and console fans have been waiting for is here – Sony is about to make a huge announcement at a PlayStation themed event in New York today. What will it be? A new PlayStation controller looks to be unofficially confirmed based on photos posted on the internet last week. Rumors also point to the announcement of the next-generation PlayStation, currently nicknamed by the public as the PlayStation 4. If Sony follows its […]


Where to watch Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement live tonight

By Shan S Feb 20 2013 add comment

Today is the day the buzzing about the high-anticipated console of the year grows even louder. Sony’s rumored PlayStation 4 announcement is expected to be made during an event in New York later on today. The press conference starts at 6.00 pm EST with high speculations that developers like Quantic Dream will present and reveal PS4-related projects. The console is said to feature cross-play with other devices such as smartphones and tablets, while the release date might be […]


PlayStation meeting rumors: Quantic Dream presentation possible on February 20

By Shan S Feb 19 2013 add comment

Just recently the buzz about the possible announcement of the next PlayStation grew even louder when a photo of PlayStation 4 controller in its early stages of development was snapped and posted online. Earlier yesterday, NeoGAF users pointed out that Quantic Dream’s co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumi√®re is reportedly in New York for the PlayStation meeting tomorrow. Besides the upcoming post-Heavy Rain PS3 game Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream has more than just one project currently […]


Next PlayStation maybe? Sony to have PS-related announcement February 20

By Brad S Jan 31 2013 add comment

Sony wants you to mark your calendar for February 20, 2013, and they’re not saying why. In an abstract 45 second video released on Sony’s official PlayStation Youtube channel today, Sony shows off a hypnotic swirl of lines, shapes and colors which come together at the end to form the symbols of their PlayStation controller buttons (Triangle, circle, cross, square). The video ends with a date: February 20, 2013 and we’re inclined to believe that Sony might just bring out […]