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Songbird sightings reported in Bioshock Infinite’s ‘Modern Day Icarus’ video

By Shan S Feb 15 2013 add comment

The mysteries grow deeper as Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus video series returns with part two to separate truth from legend. This time the video discusses the sightings of a mythical creature in Columbia called the Songbird, its connection to a child known as The Lamb of Columbia and if the Songbird’s purpose is “not to keep something out, but something in”. Solve the mysteries of Bioshock Infinite on March 26 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC). Can’t […]


Columbia called ‘Modern Day Icarus’ in Bioshock Infinite’s Truth from Legend trailer

By Shan S Jan 29 2013 add comment

In this video narrated by Alistar Bloom, the history of Bioshock Infinite’s main setting, the floating city of Columbia, is explored as Bloom attempts to separate ‘Truth from Legend’ about the city’s mysteries and artifacts. It’s almost ridiculous (in a good way) how meticulously detailed this game is turning out to be, even before its release. I guess this is how Irrational Games keeps fans wondering to permanently secure the upcoming game as one of the most anticipated video games […]