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Capcom’s Remember Me gets release date in June and new trailer

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Capcom has announced the release date for the company’s upcoming third-person game Remember Me on June 4 in North America and June 7 in Europe for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Players will follow the story of Nilin, a ‘memory hunter’ whose memory was wiped out by her handler who has intentions of destroy her and her journey of seeking vengeance. Nilin has the ability to steal memories to, basically, screw up someone’s mind by modifying their thoughts. The setting […]

New Battlefield 3: End Game trailer centers spotlight on maps and bikes

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The newest trailer for Battlefield 3’s upcoming DLC pack titled End Game proves that your in-game experience will look as good as the screenshots published early last month. The video focuses on the four new maps – Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats, Kiasar Railroad and Sabalan Pipeline. Time stands still, literally, for the frozen motorcyclists high up in the air with fiery explosions happening behind. A release date has not been announced yet, even as we enter the month […]

New Assassin’s Creed 4 leak reveals release date, coming to next-gen consoles

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Not long after Ubisoft confirmed Assassin’s Creed 4, a glitch that occurred on the game’s official website suggesting that the next Templar-vs-Assassin game will be released on October 29 this year for next-gen consoles.
With PlayStation 4 slated for launch somewhere in November or “Holiday 2013” as announced during the meeting, this hardly comes as a surprise although the next-gen console may get a later release date because of the weeks that set both releases apart. The same may […]

Metro: Last Light gets May release date

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Since THQ shut down in late January, new publisher Deep Silver purchased the Metro franchise. Today, Koch Media CEO Dr. Klemens Kundratitz has released a statement to VG247 saying that Metro: Last Light will be available on May 14 in North America and May 17 worldwide for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.
Kundratitz said, “The new release date is the ideal way to strike the balance between bringing the best out of Metro: Last Light and not keep the fans […]

Assassin’s Creed 3 Review

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Assassin’s Creed 3 picks up from where it left off in the present-day storyline when Desmond awakes from his coma after being stuck in the Animus Island with Subject 16. It doesn’t even begin in medias res, unlike past games where there were wailing babies (Assassin’s Creed 2) and two angry bearded men fighting (Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood).

Ubisoft confirms pirate-themed Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag with official box art

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Following the leak of a poster 2 days ago, Ubisoft has just officially confirmed the title of their next Assassins versus Templars game. The official box art of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag shows off a new assassin, no doubt the main character that we will be playing, brandishing a cutlass and pistol in each hand while dressed in new armor-plated robes with another two pistols strapped to the front of his chest.

Ubisoft unveils Watch Dogs box art

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Ubisoft has revealed the official box art for the upcoming open world game Watch Dogs and no one really cares about it. I mean, I don’t see the internet complaining about how boring and forgettable the box art is. Well, this certainly isn’t going to stop me from getting this game because of box art I’m going to look at for approximately two seconds. The art shows protagonist Aiden Pearce gripping a pistol in one hand and his cellphone […]

Pre-order BioShock Infinite on Amazon, get $30 in 2K Games credit

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If you’re enthusiastic about playing BioShock Infinite, then great news for you! Amazon is offering $30 in credit for pre-ordering BioShock Infinite for any platform. The credit is usable for any 2K Games-published titles excluding other pre-orders and the BioShock Infinite season pass. You’ll receive the $30 in two parts: half after placing your order while the remainder will be given on the day of BioShock’s release: March 26.
Check out BioShock Infinite for Xbox 360 […]

Suit up: Crysis 3 launch trailer features funky music

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Three days later, we get a launch trailer for Crysis 3 and it’s the extended version of the Sharp Dressed Man commercial, only this time there’s funky music playing in the background to emphasize Prophet’s swagger and it put a smile on my face because, heck yeah, the wait is over. Also, I love it when some humor is incorporated into games because it reminds me greatly of what the word ‘game’ means – loads of fun.
The music from […]

Tomb Raider PC system requirements listed, supports Window XP

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Crystal Dynamics has released specifics on the PC system requirements needed to run Tomb Raider. The game will be able to run on low end PCs, as well as powerful computers. New features stated confirm that Tomb Raider will support Steam Big Picture mode and Steamworks will offer cloud storage for saves, multiplayer matchmaking, achievements, updates and new content. There will also be configurable mouse and keyboard support, not to mention gamepad support. Tessellation algorithms have been improved to smooth […]

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