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Next PlayStation maybe? Sony to have PS-related announcement February 20

Jan 31 2013 add comment

Sony wants you to mark your calendar for February 20, 2013, and they’re not saying why. In an abstract 45 second video released on Sony’s official PlayStation Youtube channel today, Sony shows off a hypnotic swirl of lines, shapes and colors which come together at the end to form the symbols of their PlayStation controller buttons (Triangle, circle, cross, square). The video ends with a date: February 20, 2013 and we’re inclined to believe that Sony might just bring out […]

Fuse release date pushed back to Spring 2013

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During an earnings call a few days ago, Electronic Arts confirmed that Insomniac’s sci-fi shooter Fuse will be in stores between April and June later on this year. The game was originally scheduled for release in March, but it looks like Insomniac Games needs “more polish time to make a better game” for players, according to the developer’s official Twitter page.
The four-player cooperative action game follows four misfit agents known as Overstrike 9 as they fight to stop an […]

Latest 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 video shows off ‘the perfect weapon’

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What is the perfect weapon? The main highlight of the Crysis series gives it all away – this week, Crytek’s latest 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 video puts the Nanosuit in the spotlight. The teaser video starts off with Prophet surrounded by more than half a dozen Ceph. Throughout the video’s 3 minute-21 second length, Prophet fights and blasts his way through Ceph aliens and C.E.L.L. henchmen using various weapons that include an alien volt gun, a regular shotgun […]

Ubisoft Osiris motion capture video discovered but Prince of Persia goes on hold

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A 5 month old video showcasing Ubisoft’s rumored Prince of Persia reboot, a project named Osiris, has just been discovered on Vimeo today. The video, said to have been commissioned by Ubisoft Montreal, doesn’t show any gameplay. Instead, it consists of footage from motion capture sessions; draft scenes of (presumably the main) character getting in fights with mobs, dragging a victim away and plenty of ‘slow-motion’ movement. There’s also flashes of artwork depicting an ancient Egypt setting.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC screenshots and gameplay video

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We have 6 official screenshots and gameplay video from the latest Revolution DLC for Call of Duty:Black Ops 2. This new DLC is out today on Xbox 360 for 1200 Microsoft Points and said to be released for other platforms on February 28 for $14.99. With Revolution, you’ll find 4 new multiplayer maps, a new zombie co-op map and the new Peacemaker gun.
Coincidentally, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (sans DLC) is currently on sale (25% off) across all game […]

New Grand Theft Auto V artwork surfaces

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Two GTA V pre-order art have appeared at US retailer GameStop, featuring an armed biker speeding through the streets while a helicopter flies above the sky and a bank robber holding a machine gun in one hand and jewelry in another. The biker is assumed to be Franklin and the suit the robber is wearing suggests he is Michael. The images were found by a user at Grand Theft Auto forums.
Earlier today, new evidence shows that a […]

Columbia called ‘Modern Day Icarus’ in Bioshock Infinite’s Truth from Legend trailer

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In this video narrated by Alistar Bloom, the history of Bioshock Infinite’s main setting, the floating city of Columbia, is explored as Bloom attempts to separate ‘Truth from Legend’ about the city’s mysteries and artifacts. It’s almost ridiculous (in a good way) how meticulously detailed this game is turning out to be, even before its release. I guess this is how Irrational Games keeps fans wondering to permanently secure the upcoming game as one of the most anticipated video games […]

Crysis 3 video tutorial shows off gameplay for multiplayer modes

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A new Crysis 3 video has been uploaded to keep your adrenalin pumping before the sequel’s release next month and this time it focuses on the multiplayer beta. Producer Mike Read explains the concept of the Hunter and Crash Site mode, detailing the number of players per team (6 on consoles, 8 on PC). The multiplayer beta begins on January 29 which is tomorrow. Stoked? Let us know how well it goes.

Gameplay mechanics explored in Bioshock Infinite video interview

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In this video interview released by Sony, Bioshock Infinite writer Drew Holmes discusses further details about the gameplay mechanics, involving non-playable character Elizabeth as an AI companion and the importance of the sky line transport in combat. The video also shows off concept art of hostile enemies players will encounter in the game.
Watch and take in the brilliant environment and beautiful graphics of one of the most anticipated games in 2013 due for release on March 26 for all platforms.

Resident Evil 6 Siege multiplayer screenshots; Siege mode arriving March

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It’s monsters versus humans in the upcoming new Siege multiplayer mode for Resident Evil 6. The new gameplay mode puts players in a fight to kill/keep alive an AI bot soldier, with one team playing as monsters against the other team composed of the main Resident Evil 6 characters. Siege mode is the 4th new multiplayer mode for Resident Evil 6 and will be available in March for $3.99 on PlayStation 3 and 320 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360.

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