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Destiny will launch on PlayStation 4 – watch official announcement

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Several days before the PS4 press conference, Bungie confirmed their new title Destiny, which was rumored to be in development years ago when screenshots were leaked. Yesterday during the event, Bungie announced that the first-person shooter will launch on PlayStation 4 and PS3 with exclusive content. The video features Bungie co-founder Jason Jones relaying the message to those who did not attend the meeting with some beautiful game footage shown in between. The developer has chosen to remain coy […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall gets first gameplay trailer and screens

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During the PlayStation 4 meeting, Guerilla Games announced Killzone: Shadow Fall and that the newly-announced title will launch on the new console. Ten new gorgeous screenshots were published alongside a message from senior producer Steven Ter Heide saying, “It has been an amazing journey for us so far, being offered the opportunity to be a launch title for the new PlayStation, and the subsequent mild panic to figure out how to best handle all of that. But being able to […]

New Tomb Raider trailer focuses on ‘survival combat’

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In the latest video for the Guide to Survival series, Lara Croft shows off her expanding arsenal of weapons as she fights her way through the island and continues to explore places where she find important items needed to survive. Never-seen-before terrain are revealed in the trailer, including a rocky cliff with water running down where Lara can climb, a destroyed coastline and a snow-capped cliff. Lara must also observe the environment for strategically-placed items such as explosive barrels […]

AMD confirms PlayStation 4 runs custom APU developed with Sony

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After we made an educated guess on the PlayStation 4 using AMD hardware yesterday, it seems we got half of that equation right. AMD themselves confirmed this morning that the PlayStation 4 will indeed use their APU hardware.
However, and here’s the interesting part, the PlayStation 4 won’t use an off-the-shelf AMD APU nor will the graphics card be separate from the APU (so our guess was inaccurate and its graphics won’t be the Radeon 6970). Instead, AMD says […]

Watch Dogs confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Wii, trailer and screenshots released

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During the Sony’s press conference in New York, Ubisoft confirmed that their upcoming thriller game Watch Dogs will be available for PlayStation 4 and Wii U. The game will run on AnvilNext, the latest game engine created by Ubisoft Montreal. CEO Yves Guillemot said, “we are creating games that can be played anytime anywhere across many different devices.”
On an incredibly related note, have you ever watched Person of Interest? Because the gameplay and story concept is uncannily […]

Bungie reveals Destiny with screenshots and trailer

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Bungie and Activision unveiled their latest first-person shooter title Destiny which will be set in massive open-world at Bungie’s studio in Bellevue, Washington. During the presentation, Bungie called the announced game a “shared-world shooter”, which basically means cooperative play with players from all over the world, something like the award-winning game Journey.
Destiny will see players take on the role of ‘Guardians’ of the last city on Earth in a distant future after a golden age for humanity occurred where humans […]

Analysis: PlayStation 4 powered by AMD APU; Radeon 6970 GPU?

Feb 20 2013 1 Comment

The Sony PlayStation 4 event in New York just ended but probably the most exciting, key part of the event happened 2 hours ago at the beginning – the confirmation of the PlayStation 4 name and its key features such as hardware, social sharing capabilities, ‘instant on’ and ability to interface with the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Event 2013 live broadcast is now… live!

PlayStation Event 2013 live broadcast is now… live!

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The day that all PlayStation and console fans have been waiting for is here – Sony is about to make a huge announcement at a PlayStation themed event in New York today. What will it be? A new PlayStation controller looks to be unofficially confirmed based on photos posted on the internet last week. Rumors also point to the announcement of the next-generation PlayStation, currently nicknamed by the public as the PlayStation 4. If Sony follows its […]

Road to Columbia paved, BioShock Infinite has gone gold

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Congratulations, Irrational Games! Ken Levine has confirmed that BioShock Infinite has gone gold via the Irrational Games blog.
Levine wrote, “I’m happy to announce that the game has gone gold. What that means is that it has been approved by both Sony and Microsoft (and the PC Gods, natch) to be sent to the manufacturing guys to load up fleets of trucks with BioShock Infinite and be driven to a store near you on March 26th.” He […]

Where to watch Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement live tonight

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Today is the day the buzzing about the high-anticipated console of the year grows even louder. Sony’s rumored PlayStation 4 announcement is expected to be made during an event in New York later on today. The press conference starts at 6.00 pm EST with high speculations that developers like Quantic Dream will present and reveal PS4-related projects. The console is said to feature cross-play with other devices such as smartphones and tablets, while the release date might be […]

Battlefield 4 shown off in closed demo, GameStop tweets a tease

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While everyone sits awaiting details for EA’s next war/soldier themed first-person shooter, with information likely to be released in May, an early Battlefield 4 demo looks to have been deployed behind closed doors. Earlier today, game retailer GameStop posted a brief tweet on Twitter thanking Electronic Arts for showing them Battlefield 4, where all they can say is “WOW”. Electronic Arts is said to be planning a beta of Battlefield 4 to be released in Fall […]

BioShock Infinite ‘Lamb of Columbia’ full trailer released

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Well, that didn’t take long. Irrational Games has launched the full version of the ‘Lamb of Columbia’ trailer for BioShock Infinite after posting a sneak peek trailer. The video shows a lot of high-speed drama in quick flashes, centering the spotlight of Elizabeth and making watchers question exactly how powerful and dangerous her powers are. It also gives us our very first in-game glimpse of main protagonist Booker DeWitt who yells something that implies what could possibly happen […]