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Nvidia unveils powerful GTX TITAN-Z & other computing announcements

Mar 28 2014 add comment

Earlier this week, Nvidia announced their newest top-of-the-line GeForce consumer graphics card: the GTX TITAN-Z. Targeted at gamers and buyers where money is not an object, the $2,999 USD card sports a monstrous 12GB of memory, a single-fan industrial design similar to Nvidia’s other top-tier reference cards and packs dual GK110 chips to achieve a total core count of 5,760.
The card takes up 3 expansion slots, though the picture makes it look a lot like a 2 slot card, and […]

Valve goes official with Steam Controller

Sep 27 2013 add comment

After the announcement of SteamOS and Steam Machines over the course of the week, it’s only natural that Valve release a controller to go along with their latest venture into the living rooms of gamers. The Steam Controller is (at least in its current presented form) a sleek-looking controller for Valve’s upcoming line of gaming/living room consoles.

Valve announces Steam Machines, giving out 300 prototypes for free to users

Sep 25 2013 add comment

It’s the second of three exciting announcements from Valve this week; and just minutes ago, the company famous for the Steam game management platform just revealed their next big thing they are bringing into the living room: Steam Machines.
Valve is keeping mum on the specifications of their Steam Machines right now (which has been called Steam Box in the past) but assures that they will be available for purchase at the ‘beginning of 2014’ with “multiple SteamOS […]

Valve teases this week’s update for Counter-Strike Global Offensive: Silencers and prize pools

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive turns one year old next week. The modern-day successor to the original Counter-Strike, which started out as a Half-Life mod, brought in modernized graphics and tweaked gameplay to the table. In the past year, Valve has released countless updates on the PC platform to continuously bring in new content (notably new official maps and Steam Workshop for CS:GO), tweak gameplay based on feedback from playerbase and professional players and improve on features to make the game more […]

AMD to launch ‘Volcanic Islands’ GPUs in September, 3DMark performance uncovered

Aug 10 2013 add comment

AMD has new graphics cards and GPU products, under the codename Volcanic Islands, set to launch next month. After about a year and a half since their successful Radeon HD7000 series made its debut, AMD is scheduled to launch their new Volcanic Islands series products in Hawaii on September 25, 2013. A new naming convention (supposedly easier for consumers to understand) is said to make an appearance with these new graphics cards.

AMD ‘levels up’ Never Settle Reloaded promotion with more free games per graphics card

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It’s a great time to be a PC gamer and if you’re just starting to build one of your own, AMD has expanded its Never Settle Reloaded game giveaway with a special Level Up promotion. AMD has added one additional free game so anyone who purchases their Radeon HD 7870, 7950 and 7970 graphics cards will now get the same 4 games (Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon).

Watch Dogs’ protagonist Aiden Pearce fights crime in fresh trailer

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During Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, the studio released a new trailer for its upcoming open-world game Watch Dogs, featuring antihero Aiden Pearce taking down a human trafficker with his “fists and wits”. The trailer plays out just like a movie or uncannily like TV show Person of Interest, whichever way you want to look at it, and I must say that this is the most impressive E3 trailer I’ve seen.
Get in on all the cyber warfare action in Watch Dogs […]

Batman: Arkham Origins gets first gameplay trailer

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During the E3 press conference earlier today, Warner Bros. Interactive debuted the first gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. The trailer shows off plenty of brutal action in Gotham City where villains rule factions and factions rule the streets. It looks like Batman is up for a challenge in this prequel as someone sets a bounty for his head, but no doubt the younger Batman will outsmart these baddies and save the world like he does.
Roger Craig Smith (Assassin’s Creed […]