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Nvidia says next-gen mobile chips will beat current consoles

Apr 2 2013 add comment

It won’t be long before future processors in phones, tablets and handheld gaming devices beat the amount of processing power in current consoles. While speaking with Bit-tech, Tony Tamasi, Nvidia’s Senior VP of Content & Technology said that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are “barely more powerful” than current mobile devices and that we should expect next-generation graphics for mobile platforms to beat them.

Fruit Ninja, Steambirds and Paper Toss makers talk about mobile game market at DICE

Feb 11 2013 add comment

During the DICE Summit last week, one of the discussions held was focused on mobile gaming, a growing market with the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, and such devices becoming increasingly powerful. The discussion, moderated by ex-senior producer at PopCap Games Matt Lee Johnston, focused on three executives, each behind a massive mobile game title; David Edery, CEO of Spry Fox (best known for Steambirds), Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer of Halfbrick Studios (best known for Fruit Ninja) and Julian […]

Tamagotchi to be relaunched as mobile app on iOS and Android

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Tamagotchi will be making a return to the video game world as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, Bandai has announced. The game, called Tamagotchi L.i.f.e., will feature mini-games, retro mode (relive your childhood memories all over again!) and bonuses to be unlocked.
During the late nineties, the classic toy was a handheld digital pet in the shape of an egg. Back in those days, Tamagotchi was (and still is) so popular that schools began banning the game […]

Temple Run 2 is a bigger, better sequel to the original mobile game

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A year and a half after the original game, the sequel to the successful Temple Run is finally out. The aptly-named Temple Run 2 has been in the works for 9 months now and still sports the same running and jumping objective to collect coins throughout South American temple ruins… but it now features richer graphics, more diverse locations and gives every character its own unique capability. There are also mine carts you can ride on, more diverse curved routes […]