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The Last of Us is ‘Wasteland Beautiful’ in new dev diary

Platform: , Apr 9 2013 add comment

The people behind upcoming survival-horror PS3 game The Last of Us get together to discuss the game’s post-apocalyptic setting and how they designed the breathtaking world Ellie and Joel will explore. Despite the meaning of the word, Naughty Dog thinks that players will find the wasteland they’ve created beautiful. And you won’t have to wait long to experience zombie combat in a crumbling city, the developer reminds us. The Last of Us will arrive on June 14 for PlayStation 3 […]


Dark Horse shows 6 page preview of The Last of Us comic

Platform: , Apr 6 2013 add comment

Dark Horse, famous comic publishing company, has just made a 6 page preview of Last of Us: American Dreams, the comic prequel to upcoming post-apocalyptic video game, The Last of Us.
Last of Us: American Dreams follows the story of Ellie, the 13 year old girl who escapes with Joel in the game, and her life in military boarding school. During her time there, she gets her first look at the post-apocalyptic world outside and also makes some […]


Naughty Dog releases The Last of Us red band trailer and TV spot

Platform: , Apr 2 2013 add comment

Fungi zombies, the ruined city of Boston and a girl who looks like Ellen Page – what more could we ask for? Naughty Dog has uploaded an extended red band trailer for upcoming survival horror title The Last of Us, as well as its first TV spot which premiered during the season finale of The Walking Dead. Both trailers show pretty much what we have seen in earlier videos but offers a new look at the hardships main protagonists Joel […]


God of War: Ascension owners get to play The Last of Us demo on May 31

Platform: , Mar 9 2013 add comment

Naughty Dog has announced that those who own God of War: Ascension will get to play a short demo of The Last of Us at 5pm GMT, May 31. The God of War: Ascension main menu features a ‘The Last of Us Early Access’ button which shows a clock counting down to the last day of May. The demo is expected to be released for gamers who don’t own God of War: Ascension, possibly the next week following the aforementioned […]


Retail listings hint at six-week delay for The Last of Us release date

Platform: , Feb 12 2013 add comment

Update: Naughty Dog has confirmed that the upcoming PS3 game will be delayed to June 14 to “ensure every detail of The Last of Us is up to Naughty Dog’s internal high standards”.
Polishing and bug fixing in the video game industry has seen a spike in rates as of 2013, and it definitely means that the match is on for the biggest blockbuster titles due this year to compete for the most number of video game awards. First there was […]

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The Last of Us screenshots introduces new undead enemies

Platform: , Feb 4 2013 add comment

During the E3 2012 gameplay preview, we got to see Joel and Ellie take on a gang of human enemies as well as explore a bit of the scenic ruins of the city. Now Naughty Dog has released a fresh batch of screenshots, showing off the two protagonists with the recently-introduced black market smuggler Tess in a rainy setting and (mostly Joel) in combat with infected.
Tess and Joel start out in a place called ‘The Outskirts’ in Boston […]


God of War: Ascension to include The Last of Us demo for players

Platform: , Jan 26 2013 add comment

Just in case you needed one more reason to purchase God of War: Ascension, Sony has announced they are throwing in access to a demo for The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic survival game by the same folks behind the Uncharted series. The new God of War: Ascension comes out on March 12 and the game disc includes a listing to the demo of a chapter from The Last of Us, which is scheduled for a […]


The Last of Us Special Edition brings something for Europeans

Platform: , Jan 23 2013 add comment

With Naughty Dog’s unveiling of The Last of Us Survival Edition and GameStop-exclusive Post-Pandemic Edition, there’s also a little something for those in Europe. The Last of Us: European Special Edition is an exclusive pack that comes with a The Last of Us branded water bottle, skin for PlayStation 3 and a controller and a 30 day subscription for PlayStation Plus.
The Last of Us: European Special Edition will retail for 89.99 Euros, and is currently exclusive to Amazon Italy. […]