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Metro: Last Light is outselling its predecessor in first week of release

Deep Silver has announced that Metro: Last Light is outselling its predecessor Metro 2033 in its first week of release in its first three months. Metro 2033’s worldwide sales has also tripled over the opening week on PC.
“Metro: Last Light is Deep Silver’s most critically acclaimed game to date,” Menno van der Bil, international commercial director at Deep Silver, said in the press release. “We are delighted with the deserved critical and commercial success the game has achieved, and hope […]


Metro: Last Light launch trailer celebrates its release

Hot on the heels of its release, Deep Silver has released the launch trailer to celebrate Metro: Last Light. Dozens of reviews are out there already, a majority of them saying the sequel is not nearly as good as its predecessor. While our review is currently in the works, we think Metro’s promotional trailers are definitely better and more beautiful than its first game, especially its launch trailer.
The story of Metro: Last Light is summarized in short explosive scenes […]


Latest Metro: Last Light trailer is called ‘Redemption’

In this ‘Redemption’ trailer, Anna, daughter of Rangers’ leader Miller (from Metro 2033) and top sniper of the team, voices her doubt about main character Artyom’s success rate in leading humanity to salvation and personal redemption as he continues to fight his way to freedom in the metro stations.
The video is slow-paced like its other trailers, yet succeeds in delivering a chilling presentation of what the Metro’s fate might become. There are sneak peeks of the new anomaly players will […]

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Nvidia giving away free Metro: Last Light with graphics card purchases

Platform: , Apr 16 2013 add comment

Nvidia just announced today that it will bundle upcoming post-apocalyptic horror game Metro: Last Light with the purchase of any GTX660 or higher graphics card (basically most of their GPU models). The promotion starts today and looks like a North American and European affair (sorry, South America, Australia and Asia!). Two months ago, AMD did the same thing with 3 then-upcoming titles: Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider.


Metro: Last Light introduces ‘Ranger Survival Guide’ video series

Similar to Tomb Raider, post-apocalyptic FPS Metro: Last Light has its own video series about survival documenting the factions players will encounter during gameplay and how to deal with them. Players are advised to clear every corner before proceeding further into a map and listen to enemy conversations before taking action. Environmental changes such as storms will affect your gameplay and stealth approaches are definitely among your tactical options. The video also introduces new mutants such as freaky green dragon-like […]

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Metro: Last Light appears for Steam pre-order, 10% discount for players with Metro 2033

Metro: Last Light, the sequel to post-apocalyptic horror shooter Metro 2033, is a little over a month away and there’s good news for PC gamers… Metro: Last Light is out for pre-order on Steam. Pre-orders will include the Limited Edition of the game, which bundles the HUD-free Ranger Mode, special rifle and additional military grade bullets (bullets are the in-game currency used in the Metro games). Metro: Last Light Limited Edition also includes the digital comic […]


New Metro: Last Light screenshots show scary post-apocalyptic Russia

Just Wednesday, we got a glimpse of a new trailer for upcoming post-apocalyptic horror game, Metro: Last Light. There was plenty of human against human fighting in the gloomy depths of the Metro tunnels and we saw a large presence of Fourth Reich members (an enemy faction seen in the original Metro 2033) as well as an enemy commander dressed as a Hitler-lookalike. 4A Games has released 10 screenshots showing the scary underground and scenic but eerie abandoned ruins […]


Metro: Last Light gets new cinematic trailer about salvation

Publisher Deep Silver has uploaded a new trailer for first-person post-apocalyptic Metro: Last Light, presumably narrated by protagonist Artyom describes how the people of the metro are still waiting to see the light of day and the dominance of an enemy faction known as the Fourth Reich. The trailer explores a much harsher world under the metro where the Reich soldiers cruelly execute weaker beings and gather at an underground location to hail loyalty to their fascist leader. The game […]


Metro: Last Light gets May release date

Since THQ shut down in late January, new publisher Deep Silver purchased the Metro franchise. Today, Koch Media CEO Dr. Klemens Kundratitz has released a statement to VG247 saying that Metro: Last Light will be available on May 14 in North America and May 17 worldwide for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.
Kundratitz said, “The new release date is the ideal way to strike the balance between bringing the best out of Metro: Last Light and not keep the fans […]


GameStop pulls Metro: Last Light pre-orders from Impulse

GameStop has pulled the ability to digitally pre-order Metro: Last Light from GameStop Impulse, the game retailer’s online download service for PC. This comes amid uncertainty about the game’s publisher, THQ, which is currently going through bankruptcy and will be auctioning off its assets next week. According to the information GameStop told GameSpot this morning, the retailer will also be allowing purchasers who have already pre-ordered digital copies of the game for PC to request for […]