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Valve teases this week’s update for Counter-Strike Global Offensive: Silencers and prize pools

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive turns one year old next week. The modern-day successor to the original Counter-Strike, which started out as a Half-Life mod, brought in modernized graphics and tweaked gameplay to the table. In the past year, Valve has released countless updates on the PC platform to continuously bring in new content (notably new official maps and Steam Workshop for CS:GO), tweak gameplay based on feedback from playerbase and professional players and improve on features to make the game more […]


Counter-Strike: GO might become free-to-play in the future

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It looks like there may have plans to take Counter-Strike Global Offensive on the free-to-play route in the near future. In an unhappy post written on HLTV, a site well known for Counter-Strike events, game matchups and streaming, a 15 year old Swedish gamer and user of the site was allegedly informed by accident that “CS:GO is going free 2 play”. The post he has written complains mostly about the way one of NiP’s (a professional CS:GO […]


Valve brings out Maps Workshop for CS:GO and new Assault map

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Hot on the heels of the Left4Dead 2 Workshop launched 3 weeks ago, Valve has brought out another games workshop. This time, it’s for their most recent competitive first-person-shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Just like what Workshop did for Left4Dead 2, the new CS:GO Maps Workshop reduces fragmentation of custom maps around the internet and acts as a one-stop location for browsing and downloading the latest custom maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, bringing together users who make maps […]


This Month In: Counter-Strike GO (January 2013)

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Welcome to the first This Month In: Counter-Strike GO, a new series that gives you recaps of the happenings and latest news of your favorite game franchises. Despite the holiday season and New Year’s still being fresh in our calendars, there’s been a lot going on in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve’s latest Counter-Strike game that launched in August 2012.
In the recent weeks, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive repeatedly went on sale for 25% to 50% off its regular price (to $7.50 […]


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review by real gamers

After a long break from the franchise and making several big hits over the past 5 years with Left4Dead, Portal and Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2, Valve has returned to develop and release a new iteration of Counter-Strike, the series which started 12 years ago as a mod branch off their Half-Life game and turned into a massively popular game among casual and professional gamers in the earlier part of the 2000’s.

Good Deals

13 hours more of Counter-Strike Global Offensive on sale at 50% off

Platform: , , , Nov 27 2012 add comment

It’s the last day of the Steam Autumn Sale but there’s still 13 hours remaining to grab Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the latest game in Valve’s Counter-Strike franchise, for Windows and Mac at a cool 50% off. Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released in mid August 2012 at an already reasonable price of $15. But with the game being featured in Valve’s Steam sale, the game is now going at a ridiculous $7.50, which is the lowest price that it’s […]


Valve updates Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with game-changing changes

Platform: , , , Nov 22 2012 add comment

Earlier this week, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players on the PC platform were treated to a series of welcome improvements as Valve introduced two updates over the weekend. The first update contained some game-changing tweaks while Valve was quick to release a second follow-up update which evened out the quirks of the first one. The balance related changes come as a result of feedback from professional players in Counter-Strike teams such as NiP, Ubinited, Team ALTERNATE and Area 51 who most […]