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AMD ‘levels up’ Never Settle Reloaded promotion with more free games per graphics card

Platform: , Jun 13 2013 add comment

It’s a great time to be a PC gamer and if you’re just starting to build one of your own, AMD has expanded its Never Settle Reloaded game giveaway with a special Level Up promotion. AMD has added one additional free game so anyone who purchases their Radeon HD 7870, 7950 and 7970 graphics cards will now get the same 4 games (Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon).


BioShock Infinite might introduce new AI companion in DLC

Rumors about BioShock Infinite’s upcoming DLC have been spreading all over the media like wildfire since the LinkedIn profile of 2K games senior animator Michael Shanan suggested that he had been “providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character for BioShock Infinite DLC 1”.
Not long after the heavily-anticipated game’s release, Irrational Games confirmed that the additional content will “continue the player’s journey in the sky-city of Columbia with new stories, characters, abilities and weapons”.
The studio has not commented […]


BioShock Infinite: The voice talents behind the Lutece twins

Say hello to the Lutece twins who are voiced by Jennifer Hale and Oliver Vaquer in this fun interview from GameTrailers. While others may be astonished to find that Hale is the voice of Commander Shepherd in the Mass Effect series, I was surprised the accent that came out from Vaquer’s mouth was American. How he managed to pull off Robert Lutece’s posh British accent so perfectly is another one of those voice acting wonders I truly admire. Both […]


BioShock Infinite immortalized as HeroClix action figures

Apr 12 2013 add comment

It’s official – BioShock Infinite characters are set to become super cool collectible HeroClix figurines you wouldn’t mind decorating your room with. Among the confirmed action figures are main protagonists Elizabeth and Booker, evil Comstock, Vox Populi leader Daisy Fitzroy, former soldier Cornelius Slate, those annoying turrets, a Vigor (!), menacing Heavy Hitters and that rad mechanical horse you encounter early in Columbia.
I’m surprised and disappointed to see that other major figures like Songbird, Jeremiah Fink and the Lutece […]


BioShock Infinite alternate covers now downloadable from Irrational Games

Irrational Games has just released a set of 8 alternative covers for BioShock Infinite this morning. This allows you to print out an alternate cover of your choosing, which is awesome for (mostly console) gamers who bought BioShock Infinite with a physical box. For Steam gamers, well feel free to try to use them as digital wallpaper I guess.


New early concept art for BioShock Infinite shows cut content

If you love video game concept art as much as I do, then it’ll be love at first sight for you when you see this. Concept artist Ben Lo has uploaded a bunch of lovely masterpieces for you to feast your eyes upon. The art captures what Columbia looked like in its early stage of development, including Columbia’s welcome station, a character called Rosie Rickford and Las Vegas-looking locations complete with casinos. Most of it shows the […]

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Best of BioShock Infinite Elizabeth gallery (Extra large wallpapers)

We’ve put together a huge gallery of extra large wallpaper-sized (2560×1440) images of BioShock’s Elizabeth. It’s been a week since BioShock Infinite was released and reviewed, and the game has been incredibly well received by gamers and publications across the globe. One of BioShock Infinite’s biggest assets is Elizabeth, the girl you rescue while you play as Booker DeWitt. Elizabeth is a computer-controlled character who accompanies you throughout most of the game after you rescue her; but she isn’t […]


BioShock Infinite post-review: Your questions answered

We hope that you enjoyed both our spoiler-free BioShock Infinite review and spoiler-full analysis of its ending. It’s a great game that has left so many players, who have completed it, stumped and spawns so many unanswered questions. We at Games Per Second have put together a Q&A that answers many of these questions.
There are plenty of spoilers ahead, so you’ve been warned.


Gamer makes 3.5 hour BioShock Infinite movie using gameplay footage and clever editing

It’s all that many have been talking about for the past few days since its debut on March 26 and rightfully so; BioShock Infinite is an amazing video game (just check out our spoiler-free review!). It combines excellent story-telling with great gameplay and mind-blowing character development and behavior from Elizabeth. It’s not surprising that people’s feelings were stirred after completing BioShock Infinite, since the game involved plenty of emotional investment and created a strong emotional bond with Elizabeth (who […]


BioShock Infinite for PC gets benchmarked

Platform: , , Mar 29 2013 add comment

BioShock Infinite looks pretty amazing as a whole. The game is powered by Unreal Engine and, while it doesn’t have bleeding edge graphics, BioShock Infinite does a good job at setting great ambience with detailed environments.
European laptop review website, Notebook Check, has posted benchmarks for the PC version of BioShock Infinite. They start with a brief introduction about gameplay and the world of Columbia, citing that the game looks good in general but textures aren’t really […]


BioShock Infinite ending: It’s all easy to explain, really

Spoilers in this post. Don’t continue if you don’t want to be spoiled! BioShock Infinite is an amazing game (and we don’t doubt it, read our spoiler-free review), and is being touted by the masses as a running candidate for video game of the year (and it’s barely March!). The ending of BioShock Infinite is a big shocker, with both plot twists and mind-twisting events leading up to the big bang. If you’ve completed BioShock Infinite and want to […]


BioShock Infinite review – To infinite and beyond

BioShock Infinite is one of 2013’s most anticipated games – fans have been waiting nearly 3 years since the game was announced and in the past three months, we’ve seen a heavy and steady stream of promotion in the form of teasers, trailers, screenshots and demos from Irrational Games. Is BioShock Infinite worth the wait? After finishing the game and inspecting every nook and cranny, we have the answer right here.