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Assassin vs. sharks, first trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

By Shan S Mar 26 2013 add comment

No, really, did Edward Kenway just fight off Jaws? In this first look of the fourth Assassin’s Creed installment, there’s plenty of swashbuckling action on the Caribbean islands and swimming, too, it seems deep down in the sea where stingrays lurk. Of course, just like every other Assassin’s Creed trailer, the video cuts away seconds after Edward leaps down onto his target, before he performs an aerial assassination. There’s lots of naval warfare on the high seas to keep your […]

New Watch Dogs video observes protagonist Aiden Pearce

By Shan S Mar 26 2013 add comment

Ubisoft has uploaded a video – a surveillance video, to be precise – of Aiden Pearce on the city streets, looking highly suspicious with his brown cap and poor taste of clothing. It’s pretty much the same thing we have watched in previous trailer except this time it has a female voiceover. Also, the game seems to recycle plenty of sound effects from TV show Person of Interest. Don’t they know if they keep posting the same old video in […]

BioShock Infinite launch day trailer gets us in the mood for adventure

By Brad S Mar 25 2013 add comment

Brace yourselves because in a few hours, BioShock Infinite will be out and ready to play. Irrational Games has already enthusiastically uploaded a launch day trailer. In the minute-long video, we’re exposed to protagonist Booker DeWitt in action, Elizabeth and the city of Columbia – nothing that we haven’t seen in previous screenshots and trailers but it certainly drums up anticipation for the game’s imminent release. Be sure to watch out for our review of BioShock Infinite this week!

Booker rescues Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite full TV commercial

By Shan S Mar 20 2013 add comment

As promised to faithful fans, Irrational Games released the full version for the BioShock Infinite TV commercial which premiered during The Walking Dead on Sunday, playing to the same kickass song from the Beast of America trailer, Nico Vega’s ‘Beast’. The CG trailer features an Elizabeth who looks a lot like her face model, cosplayer Anna Moleva, and Booker… does he really look like that, I wonder?
Anyways, Booker attempts to snipe the man who orders his cronies to […]

Metro: Last Light gets new cinematic trailer about salvation

By Shan S Mar 20 2013 add comment

Publisher Deep Silver has uploaded a new trailer for first-person post-apocalyptic Metro: Last Light, presumably narrated by protagonist Artyom describes how the people of the metro are still waiting to see the light of day and the dominance of an enemy faction known as the Fourth Reich. The trailer explores a much harsher world under the metro where the Reich soldiers cruelly execute weaker beings and gather at an underground location to hail loyalty to their fascist leader. The game […]

Tomb Raider launch trailer shows an adrenaline-filled adventure with Lara

By Brad S Mar 5 2013 add comment

Tomb Raider just got launched for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 today and Crystal Dynamics has a one minute launch day trailer for the game. The video highlights the challenges and hardships Lara faces as she tries to survive, that shapes her to become the character she is in this modern-day reboot of the Tomb Raider series.

Assassin’s Creed 4 trailer introduces Edward Kenway, new major details

By Shan S Mar 4 2013 add comment

The heat is definitely on for this triple A title! After showing off first screens of the game, Ubisoft has released a second trailer for Assassin’s Creed 4, this time calling newly-announced protagonist Edward Kenway ‘a pirate trained by Assassins’. The one-minute video zooms in on Edward’s armor and weapons, besides showing his face contorted in various mid-scream expressions while fighting pirates.
Here are the details about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag:

Setting is in West Indies, 1715
50 unique locations […]

BioShock Infinite commentary video discusses AI behind Elizabeth

By Shan S Mar 1 2013 add comment

IGN has published a video featuring Irrational Games staff detailing the AI behind BioShock Infinite‘s other protagonist Elizabeth. The team behind Elizabeth’s AI dubbed the Liz Squad explain about the ridiculous amount of meticulous detail and effort put into bringing Elizabeth alive. Of course, if you’re looking to play without any knowledge about the game (in other words: “Surprise me” approach in gameplay), you should definitely skip this video and stop reading here.
Gosh, Elizabeth is such a sweetheart, as […]