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AMD ‘levels up’ Never Settle Reloaded promotion with more free games per graphics card

By Brad S Jun 13 2013 add comment

It’s a great time to be a PC gamer and if you’re just starting to build one of your own, AMD has expanded its Never Settle Reloaded game giveaway with a special Level Up promotion. AMD has added one additional free game so anyone who purchases their Radeon HD 7870, 7950 and 7970 graphics cards will now get the same 4 games (Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon).

Nvidia giving away free Metro: Last Light with graphics card purchases

By Brad S Apr 16 2013 add comment

Nvidia just announced today that it will bundle upcoming post-apocalyptic horror game Metro: Last Light with the purchase of any GTX660 or higher graphics card (basically most of their GPU models). The promotion starts today and looks like a North American and European affair (sorry, South America, Australia and Asia!). Two months ago, AMD did the same thing with 3 then-upcoming titles: Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider (2013) for PC goes on sale for $34.99

By Brad S Apr 7 2013 add comment

Tomb Raider is now on sale for the lowest price we’ve seen so far. Amazon has just slashed the price of the PC download (Steam) version of Tomb Raider down to $34.99; that’s a cool 30% off its original price and $10 cheaper than its console counterparts. We reviewed Tomb Raider and loved it for its great character development of Lara Croft, amazing graphics and cinematic singleplayer story which spanned over a dozen hours of gameplay.
Tomb […]

Metro: Last Light appears for Steam pre-order, 10% discount for players with Metro 2033

By Brad S Apr 6 2013 add comment

Metro: Last Light, the sequel to post-apocalyptic horror shooter Metro 2033, is a little over a month away and there’s good news for PC gamers… Metro: Last Light is out for pre-order on Steam. Pre-orders will include the Limited Edition of the game, which bundles the HUD-free Ranger Mode, special rifle and additional military grade bullets (bullets are the in-game currency used in the Metro games). Metro: Last Light Limited Edition also includes the digital comic […]

Pre-order BioShock Infinite on Amazon, get $30 in 2K Games credit

By Brad S Feb 22 2013 add comment

If you’re enthusiastic about playing BioShock Infinite, then great news for you! Amazon is offering $30 in credit for pre-ordering BioShock Infinite for any platform. The credit is usable for any 2K Games-published titles excluding other pre-orders and the BioShock Infinite season pass. You’ll receive the $30 in two parts: half after placing your order while the remainder will be given on the day of BioShock’s release: March 26.
Check out BioShock Infinite for Xbox 360 […]

AMD’s Never Settle Reloaded has BioShock Infinite and Crysis 3, up to 8 games free

By Brad S Feb 5 2013 add comment

AMD’s Never Settle game bundle promotion is back and it’s bigger than ever. The latest Never Settle Reloaded is a promotion that’s basically worldwide and brings three upcoming, soon-to-be released games to the table: BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider. In the main spotlight of the promotion, AMD is handing out download codes for 2 games with every purchase of their HD 7800 or HD7900 series graphics cards. With the HD7800 series, you’ll get Tomb Raider […]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for PC price slashed in half

By Brad S Jan 25 2013 add comment

Released in October of 2012, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a modern day remake of 1994 game UFO: Enemy Unknown. It’s been out for a couple of months now, so a price drop is not unexpected. The game’s price has been slashed to just under $40 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, but the biggest price drop is for the PC version. The PC version of the game is now going for $24.99 on Amazon, a cool half […]

Week long sale cuts THQ Mega Pack price in half; 19 games for $25

By Brad S Jan 21 2013 add comment

Game publisher THQ hasn’t been in the best of shapes the past few months. The company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is scheduled to sell its assets this week, including horror first-person shooter Metro: Last Light (which will hopefully find its way under the umbrella of a new publisher and get released on time). However, there have been quite a few game sales going on, which may or may not be related to their financial status, […]