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Exclusive: Metal Gear Solid Rising release date confirmed, November 1, 2011

By Brad S Jul 7 2011 1 Comment

Metal Gear Solid: Rising, to be released November 1, 2011
So much for a 2012 release, huh? Looks like fans of the Metal Gear Solid series (As well as Xbox and PC gamers who have long been waiting) can finally rejoice as the release date of Metal Gear Solid: Rising has been confirmed to be on November 1, 2011! Yup that’s two weeks before the other third-person perspective stealth-action game, Assassin’s Creed Revelations… and a week before everyone’s favorite (or […]

New Left4Dead 2 DLC map… if Valve gets 20,000 Stream Crossers

By Brad S Jul 6 2011 add comment

Left4Dead 2 new Cold Stream campaign
You know how not long ago Valve released a new beta map, Cold Stream, for every Left4Dead 2 owner to play test? Well, they’ve recently announced that they’ll be releasing the Dead Air campaign (which was from the original Left4Dead) early on July 22… if and only if 20,000 folks earn the ‘Stream Crosser’ achievement by this Sunday.
It’s easy to become a Stream Crosser actually… just be sure to have updated your Left4Dead 2 to […]

Karl Troedsson, DICE GM, talks Battlefield 3 and E3

DICE GM talks Battlefield 3 and E3 2011

By Brad S Jun 3 2011 add comment

Karl Troedsson, DICE GM, talks Battlefield 3 and E3
DICE General Manager, Karl Troedsson, has just written¬† about how excited they are for E3 next week as they’ll be showing both singleplayer and multiplayer demos at the convention. He focuses on talking about the multiplayer aspect of things, saying maps will be bigger than ever with better close quarter combat experiences.
Some multiplayer features which he has also revealed include the ability to use vehicles in multiplayer (we’re guessing […]

A screenshot of Crysis 2

Crysis 2 DirectX 11 demo by Nvidia spotted at Computex, official patch in July

By Brad S Jun 1 2011 add comment

Crysis 2 DirectX 11 demo at Computex 2011
This is just in, PC Games Hardware DE, a German website dedicated to PC gaming and hardware, has just posted a video from the Innovation Forum at Computex 2011. The video shows one of Nvidia’s top level representatives showing off Crysis 2 running DirectX 11 features. Improved graphical details from tessellation, smoother motion blur and more realistic object focusing via better shallow depth-of-field and bokeh effects are among the things […]

Call of Duty Elite announced

Call of Duty: Elite service revealed

By Brad S May 31 2011 add comment

Call of Duty Elite announced
Activision has took the wraps off their latest and greatest brainchild: Call of Duty Elite. The new service that’s rolling out soon in ‘beta’ status for Black Ops initially, and will likely be out of beta by the time Modern Warfare 3 launches in November, will sport three main features:

Connect: apparently Call of Duty Elite will be introducing features that creates a ‘social network’ multiplayer environment which lets them manage people they […]

Metro: Last Light logo

Metro 2033 sequel: Last Light announced

By Brad S May 31 2011 add comment

Metro: Last Light logo
It seems that the sequel to the original Metro 2033 horror-shooter video game will see some nice improvements. Named ‘Metro: Last Light’ by its developers at 4A Games, the game will continue to be set in post-apocalyptic Moscow/Russia and have its gameplay completely reworked from scratch. The folks who are making the game hope to make the combat system more sophisticated as they acknowledged the original Metro 2033 combat system was a little underwhelming.
The […]

Lucy (Kristen Bell) from Assassin's Creed

Upcoming games to watch 2011

By Brad S May 30 2011 add comment

Lucy (Kristen Bell) from Assassin’s Creed
It’s May 2011, the E3 Expo is coming and there’s barely half a year left till the holiday season of 2011… and that can only mean one thing: Lots of game titles to look for. As mentioned in our welcome post, we anticipate that we’ll be hearing plenty about new games at the E3 event next week (Held between June 7 to 9): Studios who have already announced their games will […]

Ubisoft dates Assassin’s Creed Revelations ‘full trailer’ for June 7

By Brad S May 30 2011 add comment

Assassin’s Creed Revelations
Mark your calendars folks! Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed UK channel has just released a short 53 second “teaser trailer” which sports Ezio in a voice-over, muttering something about finding out the truth and how everything will end; with the miniature trailer ending with “Full, exclusive trailer… Coming 7th June”. That’s during the annual E3 Expo, which means we should expect to see more details being announced by Ubisoft between now and then.