Games Per Second


The idea of Games Per Second was conceived way back in 2010 by Brad S and Shan S, two avid gamers for almost a decade. We frequently played games while evaluating their graphics, critiquing their storylines and plots and other stuff for the sake of discussion (and still do); back then we were avid players of Left4Dead 2 and other titles like Call of Duty 4, old but gold Age of Empires II and any new stuff that caught our attention.

It was over a LAN party of Left4Dead 2 with laptops, mice and hardcover books (the mousepads of choice for a few of us) littered all across the dining table when we were talking games, praising and criticizing a few newly acquired games, reviewing game reviews when the realization hit…

Realization part 1: There was an obvious lack in objective, in-depth game reviews out there.

A depressing observation then, which still holds true for reviews on many other sites and magazines now, was that reviews of games frequently consisted of “this game has this pile of flaws over here, but it’s still awesome… so buy it now!”. It’s as if those folks always have an inked stamp in hand, ready to grab the latest games and tinkle with them for a few hours, before stamping them off with a nice, juicy “A” grade or “95%” (or thereabouts). When it came to news, many of them took pride in unleashing a flood of news stories that’s overwhelming to readers, and occasionally scattering updates and facts over multiple posts (when a single post would have sufficed) in an effort to court search engines.

Realization part 2: And that we had been verbally reviewing games among ourselves as we played them!

We could write about games and the entertainment industry, we decided. But we would be independent, we would provide content that would appeal to readers. Most importantly, we would be a community built by gamers for gamers… not a team of random Joes with little background and knowledge about games, assembled and strung together by a company to run a “gaming” publication. A few months later, we got ourselves a name and web host, and Games Per Second came online.

We aim to impress and cater to you with the quality of information presented on our site, not using quantity and a sheer barrage of stories you might not find relevant. On top of that, we want to give Games Per Second a personality… not monotonous reporting often seen in other places.

Officially, Games Per Second started in mid 2012, after the website got a brand new coat of paint and features (thanks to our designer, Brad) and after we got a few other equally passionate individuals on board to get the ball rolling.

Who makes this site happen?

  • Brad S: Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Web Developer
  • Shan S: Co-founder and Managing Editor