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Valve teases this week’s update for Counter-Strike Global Offensive: Silencers and prize pools


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive turns one year old next week. The modern-day successor to the original Counter-Strike, which started out as a Half-Life mod, brought in modernized graphics and tweaked gameplay to the table. In the past year, Valve has released countless updates on the PC platform to continuously bring in new content (notably new official maps and Steam Workshop for CS:GO), tweak gameplay based on feedback from playerbase and professional players and improve on features to make the game more viable for competitive gameplay and revive the Counter-Strike tournament/competitive scene.

The latest and greatest update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is due this week, according to Valve’s official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Twitter page, and will be one of the more significant updates we would have seen in a while. There will be a game-changing addition of silencers (Valve has teased an in-game model of an M4 rifle equipped with one, though it is presently unknown what other guns will receive their silencer-treatment). If history is any indication, there will probably be also, at very least, a silenced pistol and silenced weapons will be exclusive to the CT (Counter-terrorist) team.

Just a few hours ago, Valve also teased that the forthcoming update will include “a new way for the community to help build up prize pools at competitive CS:GO events”, which is great news in making Counter-Strike: Global Offensive better known in the competitive e-sports scene (currently dominated by Valve’s own Dota 2). More details are expected to be revealed soon on how Valve plans to go about this.

There are two other main features key to making CS:GO a more viable competitive game that seasoned players hope Valve will bring out sooner or later: higher tick-rate on official servers and better movement rates. Official matchmaking game servers currently have a 64 tick rate, which prevents some shots and actions from registering in-game (a 102 or 128 tick rate is desirable), and could also benefit from improved movement to balance out the advantage of players peeking around corners and “ADADAD strafe spam” which throws off hitboxes.

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