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AMD to launch ‘Volcanic Islands’ GPUs in September, 3DMark performance uncovered


AMD has new graphics cards and GPU products, under the codename Volcanic Islands, set to launch next month. After about a year and a half since their successful Radeon HD7000 series made its debut, AMD is scheduled to launch their new Volcanic Islands series products in Hawaii on September 25, 2013. A new naming convention (supposedly easier for consumers to understand) is said to make an appearance with these new graphics cards.

Tech blog WCCF Tech has uncovered a 3DMark performance benchmark figure, allegedly from an upcoming Volcanic Islands series GPU, from a Chinese forum. The unnamed single graphics card, presumably an upper-tier model, managed to clock in 4816 points on the Extreme benchmark preset; a fair bit higher than the 4500-4700 point averages checked in by Nvidia’s top-of-the-line GTX Titan. AMD’s existing flagship single GPU, the Radeon HD7970, scores in the 3300 to 3500 point range; so if this leaked benchmark is real, expect to see quite a boost in performance from AMD’s next generation upper-tier cards.

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