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Microsoft announces new Xbox One next-generation console (All the details inside)


Microsoft, at its reveal event at their Xbox Campus, has just revealed their new Xbox next generation console. They have an official name for this new console and Microsoft has confirmed it is called the Xbox One.

Core features of the Xbox One that were revealed at the May 21 event are:

  • Instant switching between TV, games, web browsing and other activities
  • Voice command and gesture controls, including the ability to ‘swipe’ to the next menu screen and TV-watching gestures which include grab and pan
  • A ‘snap mode’ (seen in Windows 8) will allow a form of multitasking that displays a sidebar alongside what you’re doing on the ‘main’ area of the TV screen
  • Skype integration with group calling available
  • Xbox Guide helps you with ‘what to watch’ via voice command, a list of trending movies and shows

Hardware and specifications of the Xbox One:

  • 8 cores, 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB hard disk, WiFi Direct, Blu-ray
  • It takes the best of 3 operating systems: the interface of the Xbox, kernal of Windows and a background engine that drives quick switching, voice control and interactive features of the Xbox One
  • Kinect will come with each Xbox and comes with improved tracking abilities and movement sensing with the Xbox One
  • The Xbox One will come with a new controller with redesigned D-pad and analog sticks and improved ergonomics
  • Xbox One will work with Smart Glass
  • Sharing tools on the Xbox One will enable capturing of screenshots and videos on the fly and posting them online
  • Xbox Live will have more than 300,000 servers powering the service
  • Multiplayer matches will be bigger and with more players with the Xbox One

Game studios and other vendor related announcements

  • Andrew Wilson, executive VP of EA sports, has revealed there will be new NBA and other sports titles that will be available to the upcoming Xbox One
  • Phil Spencer, VP of Microsoft Studios, has mentioned that Microsoft Studios will release 15 exclusive games for the Xbox One, 8 of which will be from brand new franchises
  • Bonnie Ross, General Manager of 343 Industries (the company behind the Halo series), announced a live action Halo television series is going to be developed with Steven Spielberg
  • Nancy Tellem, head of Xbox Entertainment Studios, has also announced there will be a “game changing partnership” with the NFL, which will enable better telecasting and integration with fantasy football on the Xbox One for football-related broadcasts

The new Xbox One is scheduled to be available ‘later this year’.

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