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Metro: Last Light launch trailer celebrates its release


Hot on the heels of its release, Deep Silver has released the launch trailer to celebrate Metro: Last Light. Dozens of reviews are out there already, a majority of them saying the sequel is not nearly as good as its predecessor. While our review is currently in the works, we think Metro’s promotional trailers are definitely better and more beautiful than its first game, especially its launch trailer.

The story of Metro: Last Light is summarized in short explosive scenes and quick glimpses of the citizens of the ruined city in this cinematic trailer. The amount of children in this video will give you chills as you wonder what possible future they could have in the dystopia. Perhaps the most haunting scene is when a child wearing a gas mask is shown standing in a dark tunnel, looking up at a hole in the ceiling where a ray of sunlight shines in. The screen flickers and you see a man there, the child all grown up, still wearing a gas mask and looking up at that same beam of light. The question is simple: Will the future ever be bright again?

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  1. drastik May 19, 2013 Reply

    I can’t wait for my finals to end!