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The War Z forums and database attacked by hackers


Hammerpoint Interactive, the developers of The War Z, have sent out emails to everyone who have bought the game, informing them of how hackers have gained access to the forums, the game database and the player database. The War Z team have strongly suggested all players to change their passwords as soon as possible to protect their accounts. There is also a chance that the hackers have gained access to player’s email accounts, but players ‘should be aware that the hackers have the email address’.

The developers of the already controversial game, released as an alpha in October last year, have assured players that there was no exposure of billing information of any kind as payments are made through a third-party system. However, the attack has lead to the taking down of the game and forums on a temporary basis. The title received a Metascore of 20 and was considered a ‘scam’ by many as it failed to release several things that it promised, including: vehicles, voice communication, the use of private servers and much more.

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