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The future for DayZ Standalone

DayZ Standalone

If you enjoyed the original DayZ mod that was available with Arma 2: Combined Operations or Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, you have most likely been keeping a close eye on the upcoming standalone version. However, with the lead developer Dean “Rocket” Hall last year promising a November 2012 release, you may have been put off by the fact that it hasn’t been released yet. Fear not! There are many reasons why you should still be interested in the game and not disheartened by a delayed release.

Social Interaction

Hall has made it very clear that there will be more social interaction in the standalone compared to the original mod. One way he plans on doing this is by having specialized roles for players to help each other and themselves in surviving the zombie apocalypse. For example, the new expanded health system covers health, blood, consciousness levels and diet introduces such roles into gameplay; so with these new health factors, some members of the group may need to become full-time medics in order for everyone to survive. Where those bandages at?

Expansion of Chernarus

Originally the developers of the game didn’t mention anything about changing or adding to the Chenarus map. However, it has now been confirmed that there are two new villages in the major city of Chernogorsk or ‘expand Cherno’, as Hall refers to it. Dean has also said that they are currently working on expanding the north side of the map with the development of ‘large-scale features’. He has said there is ‘more to follow’ which suggests expansion in other parts of the map.

Inventory and Crafting

Currently there are no screenshots showing us the inventory system that will be in place for DayZ Standalone. Regardless, Hall has assured us that it is being worked on, calling the new inventory ‘revolutionary’. As for crafting it has been made crystal clear that the user will be able to decide which attachment they want on their gun, and that they will be able to craft their own attachments if they have the materials required to do so. Hall has said that there will be less individual weapons in DayZ as they have been ‘redeveloped from scratch at extremely high detail’, but will be able to release weekly updates bringing out new weapons once the game’s released.

Interaction with the Environment

Remember that time when you were running through an isolated village, looking for an enterable building, to find a bandage to heal your wounds – at the end just to cruelly die due to blood loss? Well hopefully you can remove those distressful memories from your brain in time for DayZ standalone, as it has been confirmed that you can enter every, if not most buildings in the whole of Chenarus! Now, this suggests that loot will be easy to discover and could ruin the balance of the game – that’s one thing I’m unsure about. Hall has also stated that there will be more things that the player can interact with in general, not just buildings.

Throughout this article you’ve probably been wondering when this potentially amazing spectacle will be available to purchase. Hall has decided he’s had enough of release dates as he doesn’t want to unintentionally upset any of his audience if he fails to achieve a deadline. However, he has stated that he will review the game again in June and see if he can make a decision on whether to announce a release date. As we wait for a release date, Dean Hall has been steadily updating the official DayZ Tumblr with videos, screenshots and information about the upcoming title.

And lastly, if you’re a console gamer, Dean has said that a console port is almost imminent. When asked which console would be more likely to have the title, he said “it appears to be the kind of game that Sony are interested in, I think we just have to wait and see” and then going on to say that the DayZ development team has in fact had talks with Sony.

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