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Romano Orzari cast as Garrett in Thief, watch announcement trailer

Hey, look it’s Ezio’s father! Oh, wait. Why are his assassin robes dyed black? Wait, what?! Okay, that’s Romano Orzari and he will be replacing Stephen Russell as the voice of master thief Garrett in the upcoming reboot of Thief, only this time he dons the main hood as the star of the game, instead of playing dear Giovanni Auditore da Firenze of Assassin’s Creed 2 and of course starring in short live-action tie-in Assassin’s Creed: Lineage. He was pretty kickass in that short movie, by the way, so I doubt he’ll have trouble doing his own stunts for the full motion capture performance (though I’m still confused about that part since the game is from a first-person perspective).

Yesterday, Eidos Montreal confirmed that the game will run on Unreal Engine 3, not UE4, with “some modifications”. Thief (stylized Thi4f) will be released sometime in 2014. With my BioShock Infinite days behind (far too soon, in my opinion), I’m ready for more steampunk games in my life again.

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