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Next Xbox might be unveiled in May 21 event, cost $500 alone or $300 with subscription


Sounds like the next Xbox will drop numbers from its naming convention and just be called the ‘Xbox’. According to Eurogamer who has drawn information from multiple sources, Microsoft is scheduled to have an event this May 21 where they will unveil the next-generation Xbox.

They go on to mention that the next Xbox might be divided into two different models: a standalone machine that will cost $500 and a cheaper $300 model that is funded by subscription. The next-gen Xbox has stirred up quite a bit of controversy as leaked internal documents have pointed to the box being “always on, always connected”, which some folks point to as a form of DRM. Microsoft’s own Adam Orth was seen posting on Twitter over the weekend, seemingly supporting an “always on” console, and this stirred up even more unrest.

Rumors also suggest the next Xbox will not be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games.

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