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New early concept art for BioShock Infinite shows cut content


If you love video game concept art as much as I do, then it’ll be love at first sight for you when you see this. Concept artist Ben Lo has uploaded a bunch of lovely masterpieces for you to feast your eyes upon. The art captures what Columbia looked like in its early stage of development, including Columbia’s welcome station, a character called Rosie Rickford and Las Vegas-looking locations complete with casinos. Most of it shows the Fink Manufacturing complex and several office interiors.

These pictures brings back nostalgic memories of the beautiful City in the Sky, beckoning me to revisit the twisted and controversial fictitious world (a decision I have been contemplating for the past few days) while the 1999 Mode continues to tempt me (it’s doing quite well, I might add).

Oh, well, personal thoughts aside, scroll down to take in a deep breath of BioShock Infinite and relive those joyous moments when you were the troubled Booker DeWitt rescuing a pretty lady with a pair of wonderfully expressive eyes named Elizabeth in a floating city.

All things BioShock Infinite:

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