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Metro: Last Light introduces ‘Ranger Survival Guide’ video series


Similar to Tomb Raider, post-apocalyptic FPS Metro: Last Light has its own video series about survival documenting the factions players will encounter during gameplay and how to deal with them. Players are advised to clear every corner before proceeding further into a map and listen to enemy conversations before taking action. Environmental changes such as storms will affect your gameplay and stealth approaches are definitely among your tactical options. The video also introduces new mutants such as freaky green dragon-like creatures and ant-like anomaly protagonist Artyom will face. And let’s not forget the Dark Ones…

I hope they bring back those glass splinters and booby traps to intensify and heighten stealth missions. Absolutely loved those! Not to mention the return of the Market and D6 locations from the first game Metro 2033. Hopefully the morality choices will have a greater impact on the storyline.

Metro: Last Light will be available on May 14 in North America and May 17 for Europe for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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  1. drastik April 15, 2013 Reply

    I haven’t even played Metro 2033 and I already want to play Last Light.