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Metro: Last Light enemy danger video: men, monsters and AI


Deep Silver and 4A Games launched the Ranger Survival Guide last week, a three part video series detailing the basics of what to expect in upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter, Metro: Last Light.

This second chapter builds off last week’s video, which talked about the environment you’ll face in the game, with talk about the enemies that you need to take on. The bad guys in Metro: Last Light come in the form of both men and monsters. Mutant creatures mostly reside on the ‘surface’ now, with evolved and a more diverse range of monsters since Metro 2033 thanks to the effects of accelerated mutation. We’re told to expect “all kinds of hideous freaks”, with different types of creatures exhibiting their own attack patterns and behavior.

In the underground metro, it seems that the people have managed to retake most of the stations. But bickering among humans still exists and the 3 factions, which we saw in the original game, make a return in Metro: Last Light and still are at war against one another. There’s the Russian Reich, a group of fascists and nationalists, the Red Line which are communists with enormous firepower and the Hanza, a faction of capitalist types who are just as violent. You’ll also bump into bandits, who are marauders just trying to survive off raiding and robbing travelers.

Of course, you’ll have allies in Metro: Last Light too; mainly camps that belong to the Rangers and the few independent stations that exist. Decision-making also makes a return in Last Light, where “it’s up to you to make the right and wrong choices… karma’s a bitch… don’t be surprised if you face the consequences later on”.

The last and most interesting shown in this episode of the Ranger Survival Guide is enemy AI. As with the original game, enemies won’t charge at you directly and will take cover when firing or try to flank you. Lighting seems to be a new factor that affects stealth and tactics in Metro: Last Light. As this video shows, you can use lighting to your advantage by turning off lights and retreating into the darkness.

In the original Metro 2033 game, one of the least pleasant things about the AI was the second you were spotted by even one enemy, the whole encampment of that ‘checkpoint’ would auto-magically be alerted of your exact location. Hopefully Metro: Last Light’s enemy AI will be better and address this annoyance.

This next video is the third and last video in the Ranger Survival Guide series, and it will discuss weapons and inventory. Metro: Last Light is scheduled for release on May 14 for America and May 17 for Europe, and is currently includes Limited Edition content with pre-orders for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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