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Latest Metro: Last Light trailer is called ‘Redemption’


In this ‘Redemption’ trailer, Anna, daughter of Rangers’ leader Miller (from Metro 2033) and top sniper of the team, voices her doubt about main character Artyom’s success rate in leading humanity to salvation and personal redemption as he continues to fight his way to freedom in the metro stations.

The video is slow-paced like its other trailers, yet succeeds in delivering a chilling presentation of what the Metro’s fate might become. There are sneak peeks of the new anomaly players will encounter such as that hulking creature about the size of the Chrysler building. A short scene also suggests a playthrough for a flashback to what life had been before the nuclear explosion.

Metro: Last Light will be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in exactly two weeks, which is on May 14 for North America and May 17 for Europe.

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