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Electronic Arts voted Consumerist Worst Company in America for second consecutive year


It’s not good news to hear but consumer affairs website, Consumerist, has determined the company that will be receiving its “Worst Company in America” title this year will be video game publisher Electronic Arts.

After the final ‘duel’ between the worst of the worst boiled down to Bank of America and Electronic Arts, ultimately the power of upset video gamers caused the latter to take the title home. Electronic Arts is noted to have caused much unrest among gamers and consumers in the past year. As the Consumerist notes, the chief issues include the latest SimCity 5 always-online singleplayer mode (and how hundreds and thousands of gamers were unable to play the game during launch week) and heavy emphasis on in-game microtransactions.

Meanwhile, EA released a statement last Friday, on March 5, that preemptively addressed the situation where they had anticipated taking home the “Worst Company in America” title. In the statement, Electronic Arts mentions “we can do better… we are committed to fixing our mistakes”.

Electronic Arts is one of the largest publishers in the video gaming industry and has published hundreds of titles spanning multiple platforms from consoles to PC to mobile and handheld devices. In the recent years, EA has published several huge titles, including Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, SimCity 5, Mass Effect 3 and various NFL games. We are curious to see how an internet poll might affect the company and how it will react, considering this is the second year in a row that EA has received this nasty ‘award’.

And there’s another question that also lingers from the results of the Consumerist poll… is a video game company that had some blunders and did a bunch of controversial things that upset gamers really worse than one of the largest banks blamed for the 2008 economy downturn and various financial woes to the nation and its customers? We’ll leave that discussion to you in the comments section below.

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