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BioShock Infinite immortalized as HeroClix action figures


It’s official – BioShock Infinite characters are set to become super cool collectible HeroClix figurines you wouldn’t mind decorating your room with. Among the confirmed action figures are main protagonists Elizabeth and Booker, evil Comstock, Vox Populi leader Daisy Fitzroy, former soldier Cornelius Slate, those annoying turrets, a Vigor (!), menacing Heavy Hitters and that rad mechanical horse you encounter early in Columbia.

I’m surprised and disappointed to see that other major figures like Songbird, Jeremiah Fink and the Lutece twins aren’t becoming statuettes while that nasty one-eyed dude is. I’ve never thought much of action figures, but I may have to reconsider (and make my wallet cry in the process) after seeing this. I mean, what could be more alluring and exciting than a 6 figure starter set with our beloved Elizabeth and sulky old Booker in it?


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