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BioShock Infinite alternate covers now downloadable from Irrational Games


Irrational Games has just released a set of 8 alternative covers for BioShock Infinite this morning. This allows you to print out an alternate cover of your choosing, which is awesome for (mostly console) gamers who bought BioShock Infinite with a physical box. For Steam gamers, well feel free to try to use them as digital wallpaper I guess.

The release of these new, publicly available cover art downloads comes after Irrational Games had fans vote for their favorite game artwork for BioShock Infinite. The red-orange Songbird themed cover won said poll with 38% of votes. Irrational Games has included instructions on how to make high-quality prints out of the alternative cover PDF files on their website.

BioShock Infinite was released nearly two weeks ago on March 26 for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If you’re looking for more wallpapers, check out our Best of BioShock Elizabeth gallery (warning: spoilers) which has 38 extra large (up to 2560×1440 pixels in size) in-game screenshots of Elizabeth.

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