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Best of BioShock Infinite Elizabeth gallery (Extra large wallpapers)


We’ve put together a huge gallery of extra large wallpaper-sized (2560×1440) images of BioShock’s Elizabeth. It’s been a week since BioShock Infinite was released and reviewed, and the game has been incredibly well received by gamers and publications across the globe. One of BioShock Infinite’s biggest assets is Elizabeth, the girl you rescue while you play as Booker DeWitt. Elizabeth is a computer-controlled character who accompanies you throughout most of the game after you rescue her; but she isn’t your typical AI character.

The images of Elizabeth below contain spoilers of the plot of BioShock Infinite, so be sure you have finished the story or want to get spoiled before you proceed.

Elizabeth is intelligent, witty and very resourceful as she throws you ammo, Salts and health throughout the game as well as additional money that she finds lying around. One of the biggest appeals of her character is how she gains your emotions through her lines and voice (Courtesy of the amazing voice actress Courtnee Draper), facial expression and the fact she explores the environment around her, instead of following your every step and repeating preset actions like your typical computer bot.

All things BioShock Infinite:

Elizabeth’s physical appearance is also something very notable – she’s attractive, but in a cute manner… and unlike most female characters in video games, she is not portrayed in a sexualized manner. Instead, she relies on her output of emotions and personality to win you over, allowing you to take her seriously as a character (and this also contributes to the immense amount of feelings you experience in the somewhat sad ending of BioShock Infinite).

Throughout our journey through BioShock Infinite, we took many pictures of the game’s amazing visuals and environment. We’ve put together the best of Elizabeth in this 38 image gallery; all screenshots were taken in-game at the highest settings (though some images were cropped and had the HUD removed). In addition to the gallery below, we also have the same images available on Imgur for easy viewing and downloading as a zip file.

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