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Tomb Raider patch for PC fixes issues with Intel and Nvidia graphics, improves TressFX


Tomb Raider has been out for a week and it’s an amazing game. There have been some incompatibilities with Nvidia graphics card when PC gamers pushed the game to the fullest but a new update released today adds stability and reduces the game’s startup and crashing issues that can happen on Intel and Nvidia graphics card. The update also fixes various other bugs related to the boat section of singleplayer, fullscreen mode, the game’s built-in benchmark mode and graphic effect glitches. Hopefully this means a smoother, proper gameplay experience which is crucial because Tomb Raider is one of the most beautiful games we’ve seen when maxed out at the highest settings.

We have encountered no issues so far playing and completing the game, though we have been running the game on AMD graphics… and Tomb Raider’s PC version was developed with some help from AMD, so it isn’t a surprise that the game is able to run flawlessly as it should. Be sure to read our Tomb Raider review to find out more about the game!.

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