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Tomb Raider Global Brand and Creative Directors do AMA interview on Reddit


It’s been two weeks since the reboot Tomb Raider hit store shelves. We reviewed the game and it was likable for many reasons; earlier this week, we wrote a Q&A discussing things about the game that wouldn’t fit in a review. Well if you’re in to more news about Tomb Raider, you’ve got it because it just happens that Karl Stewart and Noah Hughes, the Global Brand Director and Creative Director for Tomb Raider respectively have done an AMA on Reddit.

A Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) is like an informal interview where all sorts of people answer questions from the community. In the AMA, the two talk about the thoughts that went into the making of the game and what they’re doing post-launch.

Karl Stewart mentioned this reboot of Tomb Raider was made with the core characteristics of the franchise in mind: Combat, exploration and puzzle solving. They appear fairly dedicated to the multiplayer component of Tomb Raider (which we thought of as the main weakness of the game in our review), citing that “it was and is the right decision to make”. There’s plenty of positive attitude and a hint that we’ll see multiplayer in future Tomb Raider games as its implementation this year was “the process of setting the foundations”.

It’s nice that they acknowledge multiplayer isn’t perfect and the team is making efforts to improve it, with Stewart explaining “This is our very first attempt to create a MP experience … We will continue to monitor and tweak the experience until we get it right.” He also added that DLC will have content focused solely on multiplayer with “no plans” for singleplayer expansions

In regards to future installments in the series, Stewart mentions this year’s Tomb Raider reboot focuses on Lara turning into a “true Croft” and this sets the stage for sequels down the road. Throughout the AMA ‘interview’, both directors kept mum about the future of the Tomb Raider franchise and details of possible sequel(s) but Hughes did say they’re listening to players as “consistent feedback that we hear is very much informing discussions about the next game”.

They also talk about outfits, where Hughes mentioned there are no plans to bring back classic outfits (top and shorts) or a “giant bunny outfit” that was apparently used at one point during the production of Tomb Raider. Hughes also reconfirmed that there was less emphasis on Lara’s physical appearance (AKA less sexualized) with this fresh start to allow more focus on her personality and “allow her truly aspirational human characteristics come through”.

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