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New Metro: Last Light screenshots show scary post-apocalyptic Russia


Just Wednesday, we got a glimpse of a new trailer for upcoming post-apocalyptic horror game, Metro: Last Light. There was plenty of human against human fighting in the gloomy depths of the Metro tunnels and we saw a large presence of Fourth Reich members (an enemy faction seen in the original Metro 2033) as well as an enemy commander dressed as a Hitler-lookalike. 4A Games has released 10 screenshots showing the scary underground and scenic but eerie abandoned ruins on the surface.

Assuming we still play as Artyom, the young silent protagonist from the first game, we see that he gets a new watch in Metro: Last Light. The watch was an important piece in Metro 2033 as it showed time remaining before you had to swap gas mask filters, an indicator for visibility to potential threats and actual time; it reduced the number of superimposed indicators on screen, allowing for a more immersive gameplay experience. Let’s hope Metro: Last Light does something similar.

We see mostly humans and locations in the game, with just one screenshot showing what appears to be mutant plants. We’re excited to see what sort of mutant creatures will appear in the game since there’s been a strange lack of focus on them in what’s been revealed so far. Metro: Last Light launches on May 14 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

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