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New interview suggests SimCity cities will get bigger in the future


Earlier this year, Maxis announced their plans to have a limit on how large cities can grow. Performance is apparently one of the top priorities of the game’s developers when they elected to place a 4 km square limit on city sizes in the new game coming out this week.

The decision was justified by the need for this latest iteration of SimCity to be able to run on more computers instead of just high-end ones. The relatively low system requirements of the game’s almost-ten-year-old predecessor of the same title was one of the factors that led to its success and ubiquity, and it continues to be played to this age by many casual gamers.

PC game blog Inc Gamers have recently posted a new article today detailing a recent interview with Ocean Quigley, Creative Director behind SimCity. As he talked about the game, what to expect during its launch this week, the fairly controversial ‘need to be online’ DRM and more, he also touched on city size limitations again. This time he mentioned “We’ll eventually get around to expanding the city size”; though he gives no specific date or time period as to when it will happen.

In any case, the game looks promising and hopefully developer Maxis takes the right steps in updating and preserving the game’s accessibility and appeal so SimCity 2013 may have longevity similar to its predecessors. The latest SimCity comes out this Tuesday on March 5, 2013 for Windows with a Mac version to follow later in spring 2013.

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