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Irrational Games teases next BioShock Infinite trailer with another screenshot

Irrational Games sure knows how to hype their game up a lot, especially when it’s one of the most anticipated games of 2013. After uploading a teaser picture for the commercial earlier this week, the developer has now announced via Twitter that a new BioShock Infinite trailer is coming soon, dubbing it as “the most action-packed BioShock Infinite trailer yet”.

The high-definition screenshot shows an enemy called the Fireman which protagonist Booker DeWitt will encounter on Monument Island, then later on at the Hall of Heroes and possibly at other locations. Do not be deceived by its name because the Fireman radiates and attacks with the power of fire.

With twelve more days left to its release, we’re wondering: What are you most excited about for BioShock Infinite? Is it the lovely and mysterious Elizabeth or the curiosity of how well the game’s morality-based concept will turn out? Drop a comment and let’s debate.

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