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Irrational Games shows how they brought Elizabeth to life in BioShock Infinite


While BioShock Infinite being ported to Mac may not be of the interest of all gamers waiting for the game, a 7-and-a-half minute long video talking about Elizabeth’s character might be. Irrational Games has just released a video detailing the efforts and considerations that went into shaping Elizabeth’s face, body, voice and brain.

We get to see how much emotion Courtnee Draper has to pour into the microphone as Elizabeth’s voice actress and Heather Gordon doing motion capture to create Elizabeth’s interactive, bouncy (and occasionally quite hyperactive, if I may add) movements and actions. Amanda Jeffrey, Bioshock Infinite’s level designer, also talks about the implementation of Elizabeth’s AI and their focus on making her seem as natural and human as possible instead of just being a stoic video game character. Lastly, Ken Levine discusses how they used Anna Moleva, a Russian cosplayer who was spotted portraying Elizabeth in a photoshoot, as Elizabeth’s face for the promotion and print media of BioShock Infinite.

With this much hype surrounding BioShock Infinite, we surely hope Irrational Games delivers and justifies Infinite to be the blockbuster hit that it’s anticipated to be. We’ll find out once we get our hands on the game and review it. BioShock Infinite is due to be out for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 26.

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