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Gamer makes 3.5 hour BioShock Infinite movie using gameplay footage and clever editing


It’s all that many have been talking about for the past few days since its debut on March 26 and rightfully so; BioShock Infinite is an amazing video game (just check out our spoiler-free review!). It combines excellent story-telling with great gameplay and mind-blowing character development and behavior from Elizabeth. It’s not surprising that people’s feelings were stirred after completing BioShock Infinite, since the game involved plenty of emotional investment and created a strong emotional bond with Elizabeth (who is arguably the center of the plot along with Booker), who becomes almost like an actual human that you knew.

One dedicated gamer, Berk Icel, has created a BioShock Infinite ‘movie’ out of gameplay footage. But this isn’t just a regular playthrough or cutscenes strung together; he’s gone through great lengths to edit scenes to minimize the appearance of HUD and in-game notices, unnecessary battles and even threw in some good ‘camera’ work to boot. While not perfect, it all adds a very movie-like watching experience to a great game.

It’s also a marvel that Berk has done all this, while bringing BioShock Infinite’s 18 hour gameplay plot down to a digestible 3+ hour movie, in the same week that the game was released!

The video is great if you’ve finished BioShock Infinite and don’t have the time to replay it just yet but need an immediate dose of the game. As this movie encompasses the story of the whole game, be sure to watch it only if you’ve completed the game or risk getting spoiled! Check it out:

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  1. Nhan March 31, 2013 Reply

    It is an amazing movie, I watched it today. A single “like” cannot justify the movie and the movie makers effort. Thank you so much it is going to be one of my favourite videos. Definitely recommend it to everyone..