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First pictures of PlayStation 4 user interface released

A week after the highly anticipated announcement of PlayStation 4, ten HD screenshots of the user interface for the next-gen console was released by Sony. The new UI boasts a much more organized and graphical look compared to PS3. Live gameplay stream looks pretty awesome for those who want to check out their friends’ gaming skills and methods. The stream can also be accessed through smartphones and instant messages can be sent to friends as shown in one of the images. Another picture shows off a timeline where users can see and read all about social activities happening such as shared videos, number of friends playing, games downloaded and in-game screenshots. User profiles are typically shrines for the users themselves, stating the total trophies achieved and recent activities. Not just that, recording videos can be shortened to capture exciting gameplay moments to be shared with friends.

The UI looks a little like the Windows 8 interface, but definitely serves a better purpose seeing that it is a gaming platform after all. What do you think – love it or hate it?

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