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First Battlefield 4 promo art surfaces, reveal set for March 26

Electronic Arts proves its still loves the shades of dark blue and orange by reusing those colors for the next Battlefield game, also known as Battlefield 4 which is the sequel of Battlefield 3 and continuation of Henry Blackburn’s story. Unless Blackburn aged backwards or got a facelift or something, the US soldier on the first promo art is probably just another good-looking model EA uses for promotional purposes with all that Hollywood-perfect hair slicked back, despite the heavy rain, as he runs in front of some enormous army tanks while hanging on to his weapons.

Aside from some rumors claiming that the game will be set in Shanghai, China, Battlefield 4 will be revealed at the Game Developers Conference next week. We’ll probably get our first glimpse of gameplay or most likely a trailer. Earlier this year, EA confirmed that the military shooter will ship between April 2013 and March 2014. That’s awfully vague, if you ask me.

After that cliffhanger in BF3, what do you think is next for the Battlefield franchise?

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