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EA unveils Battlefield 4 with first trailer and screenshots


During the Game Developers Conference, Electronic Arts revealed its popular first-person shooter, Battlefield 4. This new trailer features pretty much everything you’d expect from a military FPS game – explosions, falling buildings, running soldiers, near-death moments, and, oh… explosions! The graphics look breathtakingly beautiful as usual, thanks to the new game engine Frostbite 3. As for the faces, the engine blurs the lines between reality and simple facial animation.

Battlefield 4 is said to be more ‘open-world’ with players having the ability to have full command over their squad as well as making other choices such as blowing a vehicle up or shooting its driver to take over the wheel. The new playable character is called Recker and the campaign is set in Shanghai, China among other countries. The sequel will not release on Wii U because, according to creative director Lars Gustavsson, the developer wants to “play it safe”.

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