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Counter-Strike: GO might become free-to-play in the future


It looks like there may have plans to take Counter-Strike Global Offensive on the free-to-play route in the near future. In an unhappy post written on HLTV, a site well known for Counter-Strike events, game matchups and streaming, a 15 year old Swedish gamer and user of the site was allegedly informed by accident that “CS:GO is going free 2 play”. The post he has written complains mostly about the way one of NiP’s (a professional CS:GO team) managers contacted him to take down a post containing that information (about CS:GO becoming free-to-play); said manager was accused of being unprofessional when trying to handle the situation since the 15 year old didn’t sign an NDA and also couldn’t delete anything on after 10 minutes of being posted.

No official confirmation or comment has been posted from Valve so far but this is indeed an interesting rumor. We’ve seen Valve take Team Fortress 2 from being a paid game to one we can all download for free, so it wouldn’t be Valve’s first time making such a move. But Team Fortress 2 has micro-transactions and purchasable in-game items (which don’t affect game balance)… so what will we see in CS:GO if it were to actually become free-to-play? Hats and clothes to dress up the T’s and CT’s?! We’ll keep you posted on this rumor and what boils down in the end.

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