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Booker rescues Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite full TV commercial

As promised to faithful fans, Irrational Games released the full version for the BioShock Infinite TV commercial which premiered during The Walking Dead on Sunday, playing to the same kickass song from the Beast of America trailer, Nico Vega’s ‘Beast’. The CG trailer features an Elizabeth who looks a lot like her face model, cosplayer Anna Moleva, and Booker… does he really look like that, I wonder?

Anyways, Booker attempts to snipe the man who orders his cronies to hang Elizabeth from a tree, only to be interrupted by one of the Heavy Hitters known as the Handyman. Booker responds appropriately – the way an action hero would – by leaping off the edge of the suspended walkway and heads straight for the Skyline. He performs an air assassination and frees Elizabeth before defeating the others with his magical Vigor powers. Elizabeth yells Booker’s name, then throws a gun to our dear hero who finishes off the Handyman once and for all. They turned around and to their surprise, find themselves staring at some kind of gigantic air transportation.

Recently, Irrational Games has been busy promoting the game. The developers revealed the full voice cast for the game, released ‘The False Shepherd’ trailer which explored Booker’s purpose and lead designer Ken Levine did a presentation on BioShock Infinite at the BAFTAs.

Just six more days to the most anticipated game of 2013, guys!!

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