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BioShock Infinite for PC gets benchmarked


BioShock Infinite looks pretty amazing as a whole. The game is powered by Unreal Engine and, while it doesn’t have bleeding edge graphics, BioShock Infinite does a good job at setting great ambience with detailed environments.

European laptop review website, Notebook Check, has posted benchmarks for the PC version of BioShock Infinite. They start with a brief introduction about gameplay and the world of Columbia, citing that the game looks good in general but textures aren’t really as sharp when looked at up close (something we also noted in our review of the game) and how the same faces were recycled for majority of the NPCs and enemies.

The important part and point of interest is the benchmark graph towards the middle of the article. They show that BioShock Infinite actually scales well from lower end systems to high end machines (with majority of testing done on laptop hardware). What’s remarkable is that laptops from the past 2 years running Intel Integrated graphics (HD 3000 or 4000 series) are still able to run BioShock Infinite at 720p HD and low settings, albeit at borderline playable frame rates (it’s best to have a 2012 or newer laptop equipped with Intel HD4000 graphics). Most laptops with Intel graphics in today’s market are either budget models or ultra-slim Ultrabook and MacBook Air models.

BioShock Infinite runs at a very playable 30 FPS with HD resolution and medium to high settings on mainstream laptop models equipped with Nvidia or AMD graphics cards (this means MacBook Pro models, HP Pavilions and other laptops that are around 1+ inch thick). Our own observations of BioShock Infinite tell us the game is extremely reliant on the graphics card and CPU speed is less of a factor, so a beefy graphics card will make more a difference than a dual core versus quad core processor.

Higher end ‘gaming’ laptops and standard desktops are able to run BioShock Infinite fluidly above 60 FPS with mostly high settings, though maxing resolution out at 1080p Full HD while achieving frame rate above 60 FPS is still reserved for mid-tier (and above) desktop models.

BioShock Infinite came out for Windows PC, and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, on Tuesday, March 26, while a Mac OS X port of BioShock Infinite is currently in the works and scheduled for a summer 2013 release.

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