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BioShock Infinite commentary video discusses AI behind Elizabeth


IGN has published a video featuring Irrational Games staff detailing the AI behind BioShock Infinite‘s other protagonist Elizabeth. The team behind Elizabeth’s AI dubbed the Liz Squad explain about the ridiculous amount of meticulous detail and effort put into bringing Elizabeth alive. Of course, if you’re looking to play without any knowledge about the game (in other words: “Surprise me” approach in gameplay), you should definitely skip this video and stop reading here.

Gosh, Elizabeth is such a sweetheart, as proven in the 13-minute video below. Her facial animations are beautifully accurate, thanks to her big and expressive baby blues. Several scenes in the clip made me crack up because of how amusing her childlike curiosity was as she practically danced through the stunning backdrop of Columbia and its streets. My favorite part was how Booker growled, “I don’t dance”, when she asked him to dance with her. Adorable or what? Pity that there weren’t many pauses during the talking for us to listen to Elizabeth and Booker’s highly interesting conversations.

BioShock Infinite recently went gold, much to the euphoria of thousands of gamers anticipating the game’s release. I wonder if AMD will work their magic like they did on Lara Croft for Liz’s hair which looks, pardon me, stiff and artificial. All concerns aside, we are so ready to take on the world of Columbia twenty-three days from now.

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