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8 GB RAM in PS4 ‘a joy’ for Dishonored lead level designer


The upcoming 8 GB of unified memory in the upcoming PlayStation 4 will certainly be a boon for game developers looking to make their game levels larger and more detailed than ever. Christophe Carrier, lead level designer of Dishonored, was the first to express his enthusiasm publicly, telling Eurogamer that such an amount of memory is “a joy”.

He says they were once PC gamers, but when the developers made games for consoles, the issue of memory came up and that “we are struggling against memory every day”. Limited memory on current-generation consoles is an ongoing issue and has resulted in the removal of elements and NPCs and splitting of levels. Having more memory means that a gaming machine is capable to load up more content for fast retrieval and that usually results in fewer “loading” screens and/or the ability to bring up vast, detailed landscapes. Dishonored recently won the 2013 BAFTA Best Game award but Christophe couldn’t discuss the future of the franchise and the possibility of a sequel.

Meanwhile his colleague, Dinga Bakaba, associate producer at Arkane Studios, said that they were “pretty impressed” by the social aspect of the PlayStation 4, which includes video sharing and the ability to spectate your friends’ games, and that they are “looking forward at how we can integrate all those things into our [next] game”.

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