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Zombie Studios brings out Daylight, a horror game using Unreal Engine 4


Daylight is one of the first few games that will run on Epic’s next generation Unreal Engine 4. Although there will probably be many more games that will be announced this year to run on this latest game engine, one can wager that few or none of them will be like Daylight. It’s an odd game, no doubt… Daylight puts you in the shoes of a lady, with no name, who wakes up in an abandoned asylum and unable to recall how she got there. Wait, that sounds like your typical horror movie introduction. Yes it is, but here’s where it gets weird: You get no weapons but you do get a smartphone (with one of its features being a compass to help you navigate). Your only job in this game is to escape. Zombie Studios is aiming for replayability, so each playthrough will be around half-an-hour and the game will give a “rat in a cage” experience that’s different each time you escape.

This is certainly something that’s never been done with a modern game before and we’re curious to see how it turns out. The game will be a PC exclusive when it launches on Steam sometime in 2013 and will be priced at $20 or lower.

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